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What’s the Funky Smell in Your Kitchen?

Daily Health Tips update for June 28:

Have you ever walked into your home and thought, “what’s that smell”? Our kitchen is host to an array of aromas, but sometimes they aren’t the ones we want to smell. If your sniffer suspects something funky, try one of these tips to keep the smells in your kitchen good ones.


Stinky Source: Garbage Disposal

Sweet Smelling Solution: Pour a cup of boiling water down the drain while running the disposal, then follow-up with a cut-up lemon or orange.


Stinky Source: Refrigerator

Sweet Smelling Solution: Take a cotton ball soaked in vanilla extract and put it in a small dish on the lowest shelf of your fridge. If you like the smell of coffee, try a small dish of used coffee grounds instead.


Stinky Source: Dishwasher

Sweet Smelling Solution: If your dishwasher is caked with food that doesn’t seem to come off, run the empty washer on a light wash cycle with no soap. The steam from the heat should dissolve leftover food particles. If it’s still not coming clean, get in there with a sponge and nail brush and start scrubbing. You can also try our Kool-Aid® trick from a previous Daily Health Tip.


Stinky Source: Stove

Sweet Smelling Solution: Turn your range hood fan on before you start cooking. Even if we think our stovetop is clean, cooking can release particles and gases from previous stovetop food preparations. Also, make sure you’re cleaning your range hood filters and regularly wiping down and around your stovetop.



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