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What Else Can You Clean With Your Dishwasher?

Daily Health Tips update for June 27:

Dishwashers make our lives ultra convenient by washing our dishes, glasses and silverware, but are there other uses for these little miracle machines? Check out some of these other everyday items your dishwasher can help you clean.

  • Glass globes from light fixtures. If you’re in spring cleaning mode, this can be a real time saver as opposed to removing each piece and dusting the caked on gunk from months of build-up. Put them on the top rack of your dishwasher and make sure they have plenty of space so they don’t break. Also, skip the heated dry option and buff them with a soft cloth instead.
  • Plastic hair brushes, combs, clips and barrettes. Hair products can clog up our personal care items, so after removing loose strands of hair, pop these items into a washable mesh bag (like a lingerie bag) and run on a normal cycle.
  • Baseball caps and visors. Put your caps with the opening side down on the top rack. Fill the detergent compartment with a non-bleach soap like borax or this natural dish powder. Run the normal cycle and heated dry for fresh looking caps year round.
  • Plastic toys. Baby toys, teething rattles, pet toys and other plastic stuff like kids’ action figures can gunk up quickly. Pop them into the top basket of your dishwasher for an ultra sanitary clean.
  • Kitchen sponges and brushes. Many of us throw out sponges when they’ve run their course, but you can actually put them in the dishwasher to help extend their life. Run in the same cycle as you would your dishes—they can stand up to a lot of abuse.



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