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Wake Up to Heart Health with These Morning Beverages

Daily Health Tips update for September 2:

Diet and exercise play a big role in keeping the heart and cardiovascular system healthy. To keep your heart in tip-top shape, you can make several changes to your lifestyle, like cutting back on fatty foods, exercising more and taking omega-3 supplements. But what you drink can make a difference, too. Start your day off with one of these heart-healthy breakfast beverages.

  1. Coffee. Our morning cup of joe does more than just help us wake up. Coffee delivers antioxidants that help protect the heart.
  2. Tea. Whether you like green or black varieties, tea is a great choice for the cardiovascular system because both deliver potent antioxidants. Black and green teas promote blood flow and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
  3. Pomegranate Juice. Make the switch from orange juice to pomegranate. Another source of important antioxidants, it promotes healthy cholesterol levels, reduces arterial plaque and increases blood flow to the heart.

If you have trouble drinking enough of these heart-healthy drinks every day, try supplements. Extracts of coffee, pomegranate and black and green teas deliver the active ingredient of these herbs in convenient pill forms.



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