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Tips to Improve Balance in the Golden Years

Daily Health Tips update for August 27:

Aging adults look to improve balance to reduce their chances of debilitating falls. One way to improve balance is to dance. Social dancing or music movement classes work because they make the body become accustomed to continuous changes. Seniors who take part in classes that use music with rhythmic exercise can improve walking skills, thereby reducing the number of falls.

Tai chi, a form of low-impact martial arts, has also been shown to improve balance. There are forms of tai chi that emphasize weight shifting, postural alignment and coordinated movements, all of which can improve balance. Studies have shown that tai chi participants fall less than average.  

The simple act of taking a daily walk can also benefit older adults. Not only does walking keep them more active and promote other areas of health, it promotes stability. Walking uses core muscles along with lumbar, pelvic and hip joints to strengthen the body’s core.

Source: The Dr. Oz Show, Web MD


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