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Tips to Get Your Skin Ready for Autumn

Daily Health Tips update for September 10:

Fall is in the air. Along with shorter, cooler days, you may have noticed your face and skin becoming drier. It’s time to start switching your health and beauty regimen to get ready for autumn (and winter). Start by looking at your facial cleanser. Your summer bottle may have included mattifying ingredients but you want your cooler weather bottle to be a hydrating formula. Get rid of bar soaps and switch to creamy cleansing formulas. You should also switch from a body gel to a creamy body wash. And when exfoliating, look for formulas that have an oil-base, which can help moisturize your skin.

Update your lotion to a thicker, creamier moisturizer. Creams have a stronger oil barrier. This helps your skin lock in moisture. If your hands are still feeling dry, shop for a specialized hand cream to keep them soft and hydrated all season long. After moisturizing your face, hands and body, don’t forget about your lips. Keep them hydrated with non-petroleum-based lip balms. Petroleum isn’t absorbed by lips and may even further dry out your lips. One product to save from your summer beauty routine: sunscreen. You still need to protect your skin against sun damage by applying it every day.

Source: A Woman’s Health


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