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Spring Cleaning for Your Body


Daily Health Tips update for May 6:

It’s important to give your liver and digestive system a rest once in a while by cutting out irritants like meats, processed foods, dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and gluten in favor of detoxifying liquids and raw, whole foods. So, after a long winter of stockpiling carbs, heavy meats and possibly a little too much alcohol, spring is the perfect time to kick your body into high gear and rid yourself of the toxins you’ve accumulated with a cleanse. If you’ve never done a detox before, it can be challenging, so ease into it by following a few tips and tricks to a healthier you. A cleanse can be anywhere from 3–30 days, so decide what’s right for you and commit!

  • Try a cup of kombucha to jumpstart your detox. Kombucha is a tea into which beneficial yeast and bacteria are introduced. Sugar (often in the form of fruit juice or puree) is then added in order to cause fermentation and produce amino acids, probiotics and other helpful enzymes. Look for kombucha in summer flavors like raspberry, blueberry and mango.
  • Swap out your stick-to-your-ribs breakfast for a lighter fare. Try fresh squeezed juice or a protein shake loaded with your favorite fruits and veggies. Load up on a large salad for lunch with lots of raw veggies and opt for a healthy dose of protein and more raw veggies for a light dinner.
  • Greens, vegetables and protein are essential during a cleanse. Some of the best greens are the darkest in color. Look for spinach, parsley and kale for maximum benefits. If you do decide to cut out meat, make sure you’re getting the proper protein from sources like quinoa, nuts or soy.
  • Water, water everywhere! Drink as much of this clear liquid as you can handle. Your liver loves to run to H20, so drink up to help flush out all the nasty stuff you’re having a hard time getting rid of.
  • Pump up your cleanse even more with detoxifying supplements found at your local health food store.


Image Source: via Swanson on Pinterest


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