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Natural Teeth Brighteners

Daily Health Tips update for September 14:

Whiter teeth don’t have to come at the cost of an expensive trip to the dentist or with painful, harsh chemicals in do-it-yourself whitening kits. There are some natural precautions you can take to help your teeth stay white.

What passes through the lips can stain your teeth. Culprits include dark foods, sauces and drinks. Acidic foods and drinks can also increase staining because their erosive nature makes teeth more susceptible to stains. Even your mouthwash can cause problems. Mouthwashes that contain dyes and colors can slowly add to discoloration.

For a brighter smile, the next time you’re hungry avoid dark, acidic foods and look for crunchies to solve your munchies. These types of fibrous foods--like fruits and veggies--are not only healthy, but also great for teeth because their texture acts like a gentle scrub on teeth. If stains are already showing on your teeth, try tea tree oil. This natural stain remover can help teeth maintain their whiteness. It can be found in many natural teeth whitening products.

Source: Prevention


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