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Improve Memory with Beet Juice

Daily Health Tips update for August 16:

It might not sound very appetizing, but research shows that beet juice can help memory. It delivers nitrates, which the body converts into nitrites.

Both nitrates and nitrites have negative connotations because of their use in processed meats, but scientists are exploring their effects on the body when we eat naturally occurring nitrates from plants. They have learned that nitrites may help improve blood flow, which has been found to keep your mind sharp.

Wake Forest University scientists tested the effects of nitrate-rich foods, including beet juice, on memory. Because nitrites seem to know which part of the body needs more blood flow, it has been suggested that consuming foods with high levels of nitrates can help protect your mind as you age. Along with beet juice, other foods high in nitrates include celery, cabbage and spinach.

Source: Woman’s Day

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