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How to Dry Brush

Daily Health Tips update for August 10:

Devotees of dry brushing know that it’s a simple, easy and affordable technique to increase your circulation, improve muscle tone and remove dead skin cells.  It’s been around for hundreds of years, especially popular in northern Europe, but dry brushing is gaining in popularity as more people explore alternative health options.  This 5-minute, twice-a-week activity is energizing, so don’t do it right before going to bed. Here’s how to get started:

  • Buy a large brush made of boar bristles or plant fibers
  • Before bathing, brush your skin starting at the arms, neck and chest
  • Apply light pressure; this should not be painful
  • Always brush towards your heart
  • Then brush your feet and move up your leg
  • Brush your stomach in “a clockwise circular motion from the navel out”
  • Bathe or shower as usual to remove dead skin cells
  • Pat dry and apply almond or another light oil
  • Note: avoid the face or sensitive areas (breasts)

Source: The Herb Quarterly


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