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Get Fit with Friends During Employee Health Month

Daily Health Tips update for May 23:

It’s not easy to get fit on your own. Watching what you eat or hitting the gym alone can be tough, unmotivating and a downright bummer. May is Employee Health and Fitness month, so what better way to get into shape than with the people you spend much of your days with? Here are a few tips on how to tame that tummy, battle that bulge or just exert yourself with exercise, and all with the help of your friends.

  • Start a biggest loser competition. Print a sign-up sheet in your office break room and put your name in the #1 slot (hey, someone has got the be the motivator). Do weekly weigh-ins and at the end of the month offer prizes to the biggest losers. Maybe your company will sponsor a prize or call around to local businesses and ask them to pitch in to your plan.
  • Start a walking club. Instead of sipping coffee or noshing on a muffin during your breaks, grab a couple friends at work and walk around the block for 15 minutes. If you can spare some time at lunch, do the same. You could also organize a walking club that meets before or after work, to ensure that you’re getting the optimum amount of walk time.
  • Hit up the vending machine guy or gal. Next time they’re refilling your machine, consider asking them to swap out some of those high calorie treats for more nutritious snacks. If the temptation isn’t there, you probably won’t seek them out.
  • Compile a company cookbook. Develop a cookbook of employees’ low-fat recipes, exchange recipes and feature healthy employee recipes periodically on the cafeteria menu.
  • Potluck it for lunch. Instead of grabbing fast food or last night’s leftovers, encourage employees to bring crockpots of heart healthy soup and share with others. Put a sign-up sheet in your office break room and designate specific days to share your homemade deliciousness.



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