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Flush Free Niacin: It DOES Exist!

Health Tips update for Sunday, June 27:  Niacin is well known for its roles in natural energy production and the removal of triglycerides from tissues and the bloodstream. Thus, it is essential in supporting cardiovascular health. This B vitamin is also important for healthy nervous systems, immune health and supporting cholesterol levels that are within the normal range. Overall, it’s an important nutrient... but there has always been a problem with traditional supplemental niacin: flushing – the irritating, overheated, itchy feeling associated with vasodilation. Flush-free niacin supplements provide the health supporting benefits of the B vitamin without the annoying side effect. These supplements are typically made with inositol hexanicotinate or inositol hexaniacinate as the niacin source. These ingredients allow the natural enzymes in the body to slowly release the niacin. This slow release helps to avoid the flushing response. Don’t be confused with niacinamide, another B vitamin. Though niacinamide won’t cause flushing, it also doesn’t provide the same cardiovascular support. Flush free niacin provides the all benefits of niacin.


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