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Fight the Monday Blues

Daily Health Tips update for June 25:

It’s Monday again. Time to go back to work and face the music. Sounds lame, right? Well it doesn’t have to. Here are a couple fun ways to take back your Mondays instead of dreading them.

  • If you have work you need to prepare for Monday morning, consider doing it on Saturday, then make a plan to do something fun on Sunday night. That way your brain won’t automatically go into “Monday mode” and set yourself up for a case of the blahs. Just make sure you don’t stay up too late or overdo the fun on Sunday night.
  • Mondays can mean the same old, same old routine you’ve been doing forever. Break out of the cycle by asking for a new task at work or start a new project or group with co-workers. You might consider a walking club, weight loss challenge or morning recipe exchange.
  • In case you just can’t seem to chase away the Monday Blues at work, plan a fun activity for Monday nights and schedule it every week. It might be date with your significant other, a bowling or other rec league event, a trip to Grandma’s house or wine or beer night with friends.
  • Bring a little outside in. Brighten up your workspace with a fresh bouquet of flowers or other plants. These can lighten the mood in a corporate space and add a pop of color to a dull cubicle or office.
  • Consider your weekend routine. If you exercise during the week, have a certain diet or a specific sleep schedule, try not to get too far off base on the weekends. Our bodies love a consistent schedule, so if you do things a certain way during the week, continue them through the weekend. That way Monday won’t come as such a shock to the body.




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