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Exercise + Computer Use = Improved Memory

Daily Health Tips update for September 12:

Want to keep your memory sharp as you age? Then lace up your sneakers and take a walk, followed by some computer time. A new study by the Mayo Clinic showed that this double whammy reduces the risk of memory loss. Participants who did moderate physical activity and used a computer were 64% less likely to have mild cognitive impairment compared to those who didn’t.

It isn’t necessarily limited to walking. Any type of physical activity can boost memory health--not to mention overall health and well-being. Researchers believe that exercising can promote the production of growth factors, which in turn help nerve cells survive. Try your favorite type of physical activity to keep your body and mind in tip-top condition. Hike, do aerobics, participate in strength training, take a yoga class or go lift weights. Varying your workout with different activities can help prevent boredom with your routine.

Computer use can add to enhanced memory. Computers stimulate the mind, which might help enhance connections in the brain. If you don’t like computers or want to pass this tip along to someone who doesn’t have one, it doesn’t have to be limited to computer time. Try other stimulating hobbies like crossword puzzles, sudoku, reading and playing trivia games. 

Source: NBC News

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