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Eating Out Means More of These

Daily Health Tips update for August 1:

Do you eat out because you hate to cook or don’t have the time? You may want to rethink your attitude toward cooking. Here’s why: eating out means more calories and sodium! This is bad news for folks who are watching their weight.  Researchers asked 1,000 men and women to track their meals at home and at restaurants for a week. Check out the stats below...

Normal-weight individuals: 
Averaged 550 calories for meals at home, but averaged 825 calories for meals as restaurants.

Overweight individuals: 
Averaged 625 calories for meals at home, but averaged 900 calories for meals at restaurants.

Based on nutrition facts from over 28,000 dishes at 245 restaurants across the country, researchers also found that the typical appetizer contains 700 calories; an entrée contains 590 calories; side dish, 210 calories; non-alcoholic beverage, 360 calories and the typical dessert is around 355 calories. So how can you enjoy eating out without agonizing over calories? Skip the appetizer and dessert. Plus, watch the portion size—split an entrée with a friend or take half of it home for lunch tomorrow.

Source: Runner’s World


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