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Ease Back Pain with Yoga

Daily Health Tips update for September 1:

Want to ease that pain in your back? Sign up for a yoga class! Yoga can help promote range of motion. Yoga poses aimed at relaxing and strengthening the lower back can help you move easier. It helps lessen pain and makes you feel more limber, so tasks like walking, climbing and bending are easier.

Even without taking a specific yoga class, you can still improve your quality of life by just stretching at home. By performing stretching techniques that emphasize the torso and legs, you can reduce pain and increase your movement. Even if you still have pain after doing yoga or stretches, you can still have an improved range of motion. The effects of yoga and stretching can last for months. Note: Yoga Enterprises offers DVDs to show you how to do simple seated yoga techniques at home.

Source: AARP, WebMD


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