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Drink Your Way to Youthful Skin

Daily Health Tips update for August 21:

Since you can’t drink from the Fountain of Youth, try these beverages that help promote a younger-looking appearance.

  • Low Fat Dairy—Low fat dairy, fortified milk in particular, is a natural source of vitamin A, a nutrient that contributes to skin health. Vitamin A can also be found in some yogurts. When choosing yogurt, look for ones that have live cultures to help your digestive system absorb nutrients, but also watch the sugar content.
  • Green Tea—Green tea is a source of natural polyphenols. These antioxidants promote skin texture and smooth skin while also fighting free radicals.
  • Water—it’s not necessarily the most glamorous beverage around, but hydration helps your skin say supple and smooth.

Source: Good Housekeeping,


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