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Do This Twice a Week to Treat Back Pain

Back PainDaily Health Tips update for February 8:

Over 80% of people will be affected by chronic lower back pain at some point during their lifetime. Causes include weak abdominal muscles, extra pounds, poor posture and muscle tension, all of which put additional pressure on the lower spine area. This leads to torn ligaments and overstretched muscles, resulting in chronic lower back pain.

The good news: two weekly sessions of low-impact yoga can help treat this common problem.  Researchers at West Virginia University found that “performing a low-impact Iyengar yoga program twice a week for 24 weeks was more effective in easing pain, immobility and even depression than standard medical treatment.” Experts recommend checking with your healthcare provider to rule out herniated disks or other conditions before meeting with a yoga instructor trained to teach people with lower back pain.

Know any other good tips for lower back pain? Have you ever taken an Iyengar yoga class?

Source:  Healthy Living


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