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DIY Milkmaid Beauty Products

Daily Health Tips update for October 15:milk

Farm-fresh milk isn’t only for drinking; you can also make homemade beauty products, including a moisturizing facial milk mask and decadent milk bath. The lactic acid in the milk dissolves the bonds that hold on to dead skin cells, allowing them to wash away, leaving skin fresh and soft. And honey is a natural cleanser and moisturizer.

Milk Mask:
Mix 2 Tbsp. honey with 2 tsp. milk and apply to your face and neck area. Leave on for 10 minutes; rinse well with warm water.

Milk Bath:
Mix 2 cups fresh milk with 1 cup honey and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Add to running water as you fill your tub. Relax and soak for about 20 minutes; exfoliate with a loofah and rinse.

Do you make your own beauty products or spa treatments at home?

Source: Mary Jane’s Farm


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