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Chocolate: Good for the Heart & Mind

Daily Health Tips update for September 7:

Not just a comfort food for the soul, chocolate is good for health, too. Studies about chocolate’s role in benefiting cardiovascular health have been circulating for a few years, but new research shows it may also help the mind. It’s all thanks to flavanol, one of the components in cocoa. This specific part of cocoa may improve cognitive function. A study involving elderly participants showed that the more flavanol they drank, the better their cognitive function. Those who had high or intermediate amounts of flavanols in their cocoa had better scores when tested on executive function, short-term and long-term memory, processing speed and overall thinking skills.

Along with promoting memory and brain health, flavanols can also promote kidney health, aid weight management and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The healthy flavanols found in cocoa can also be found in tea and dark fruits like red grapes, cherries and apples.

Source: ABC News


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