Why Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Can Help Fight Cold & Flu Symptoms

Monday, April 16, 2012 by Health Tips

Daily Health Tips update for April 16:

This mysteriously magical, time-honored cold and flu treatment is almost universal. Growing up, whenever you got sick, did your mom or grandmother instantly whip up a pot of chicken noodle soup? The key to its power is in the herbs and vegetables making up the main ingredients:

Garlic: In a study conducted in Australia, people who regularly ate garlic suffered through 33% fewer colds. Even better, when they did get sick, they recovered three days faster.

Celery: Say what you want about this stringy vegetable, it packs a healthy punch. It delivers natural vitamin C along with a natural anti-inflammatory agent that may help soothe your respiratory system.

Onions: In a recent Daily Health Tip, we learned that onions are a little-known superfood. They’re packed with quercetin, which means they can break up mucus and ease congestion, as well as cut the release of histamine—the main culprit of runny noses, itchy eyes and sneezing.

Source: Woman’s World

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