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Beat the Heat with Ayurvedic Wisdom

Daily Health Tips update for August 9:

It’s been hot this summer. Triple digit hot—for several days in a row. Our first instinct may be to reach for a cold frosty beverage to help stay cool, but the ancient practice of Ayurveda teaches otherwise. Summer is the “season of fiery pitta (the energy that regulates metabolism),” so stay cool with these tips:

  • Drink and eat everything at only slightly cool or room temperature—even soups!  Very cold or hot foods and drinks weaken digestion.
  • Avoid salty and spicy foods this time of year. Stick with seasonal fruits and vegetables to help calm pitta. Enjoy nectarines, apricots or peaches with oatmeal for breakfast.
  • Detox and boost enzymes with kale, dandelion greens and watercress. Quinoa, mung and kidney beans are an excellent source of protein for pitta.
  • Eat your large meal at noon. That’s when your digestive system is functioning at its peak. Dinner should be a small meal before six o’clock, which is when your system begins to wind down.

Source: Whole Living


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