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7 Ways to Use Sweet Orange Oil

Daily Health Tips update for July 28:

Our friends at Aura Cacia know all the best ways to use essential oils. Diffusing it in rooms or using it as a massage oil are typical uses, but did you know you can clean your cutting board with Sweet Orange Oil? Check out their suggestions for using this refreshing oil:

  • Household surface cleaner:  Mix 12 drops with ¼ cup castile soap and water.
  • Grease remover:  1 or 2 drops to get rid of grease or glue from surfaces.
  • Cutting board purifier: 12 drops with ¼ cup salt. Rub on cutting boards and rinse with hot water.
  • Plant protector spray: 24 drops in 4 ounces of water to spray on household plants helps keep bugs away.
  • Natural air freshener:  Add a few drops to air vents. A few extra drops can freshen up your garbage cans.
  • Tile cleaner:  1 or 2 drops on stubborn tile stains. Let sit for two minutes. Wipe clean!
  • Spa bath:  12 drops with ¼ cup of sea or crystal salt.

Source:  Aura Cacia

How do you use essential oils? Tell us with a comment below!


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