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7 Easy Ways to Give Your Immune System a Boost

stay healthyDaily Health Tips update for December 10:

Keep your immune system healthy and boost your natural defenses with these tips.
  1. Sleep Better. Without sufficient sleep (about 8 hours), your body’s immune system becomes suppressed.
  2. Wash Your Hands More. Your best bet is to use hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds (that’s about two rounds of “Happy Birthday”) and properly dry your hands. No hot water or soap? That’s ok. Even 20 seconds with cold water and soap, or just alcohol-based hand rubs will do the trick.
  3. Eat Better and Supplement. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains will provide your body with nutrients needed for a good immune system. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be made up for with a good multivitamin.
  4. Exercise. Not only does exercise boost immunity, it can help with depression better than antidepressants. And if you exercise outside, you’ll increase your vitamin D levels.
  5. Stress Less. Too much stress decreases the strength of your immune system.  For daily stress relief, try meditation or yoga, or even just listening to relaxing music before bed.
  6. Have Fun with Friends and Family. Those who have strong social ties have a tendency to be healthier throughout the cold and flu season.
  7. Be Positive. All of the things listed above tend to be characteristics of positive people, but a positive outlook on life correlates to a healthy immune system.
Source: Everyday Health

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