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7 Homegrown Cold and Flu Home Remedies

Conventional cold and flu medications often leave you feeling more tired and sometimes foggy, without any real relief. Try some of these at home remedies to feel better fast.

  1. For immune-boosting effects, try white button mushrooms. These fungi can decrease bad viruses that make you sick and increase antiviral proteins in your body. More Info: Guide to the Health Benefits of Mushrooms
  2. To loosen your nasal passages without any side effects, try a steamy shower, or even place a towel around your head as you lean over a steamy sink and breathe deeply to decongest.
  3. Breathing exercises, such as meditating and chanting the word “ohm”, can calm your nerves AND help you breathe better. The vibration from the word can loosen phlegm and open up your nasal passages.
  4. To slow the production of inflammatory compounds, eat some warm chicken soup. A classic... but for good reason.
  5. While it might seem best to blow your nose as hard as you can, that can actually push the mucus back into your sinuses, which can lead to infections. Gently blow your nose, one nostril at a time.
  6. Honey, when compared to cough suppressants, can be more effective at decreasing a cough in children (over the age of one).
  7. Add an extra pillow to your bedtime routine to help your sinuses drain better while you’re sleeping.

Source: Women’s Health



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