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6 Tips to Cool Off AND Lower Your Energy Bills

Daily Health Tips update for July 23:

Turning on the AC isn’t the only way to beat summer heat. You can quickly cool off without spending a bundle, or even anything at all. Check out these 6 clever ideas.
  1. Crack a window: Overnight ventilation is key―before going to sleep, open the windows to allow cool air to circulate through the house. During the day, keep windows closed and covered.
  2. Freeze your clothes: Putting a shirt in the freezer for a few minutes may seem silly, but it’s a quick and effective heat-buster that doesn’t cost a dime.
  3. Ditch your shoes: Your body releases much of its heat through your head and feet. Take off your shoes and go barefoot as often as you can.
  4. Spritz yourself: Keep your refrigerator stocked with small bottles filled with cold water, then simply spray yourself throughout the day for instant relief. Add a few drops of essential oils for a refreshing scent.
  5. Get creative with fans: Fill a shallow bowl with ice and place it in front of a fan. As the ice melts and evaporates, the air from the fan will help spread the cold vapor throughout the room. For a quick cooling sensation, apply a peppermint-based lotion or moisturizer to your face or neck and plant yourself in front of the breeze.
  6. Eat cool snacks: Fruits and vegetables are packed with moisture that helps your body stay hydrated and comfortable. Freeze grapes or melon cubes for an extra frosty snack.
Source:  All You


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