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5 Non-Lettuce Greens to Add to Your Diet

Daily Health Tips update for June 1:

Adding more greens to your natural health diet doesn’t just mean lettuce salads. The darkest greens from the garden are loaded with vitamins and minerals. To soften their flavors a little, add a bit of sweetness or acidity when cooking. Aromatics such as ginger, garlic or shallots also help. Check out these 5 great greens:
  1. Dandelion greens: earthy, nutty flavor with a sharp, tart bite. Use them wilted in a warm salad, sauté for a healthy side with caramelized onions or add to soups, frittatas, pastas and gratins.
  2. Bok choy: stalks are crisp and taste similar to cabbage while leaves offer a nutty flavor. It’s great for stir fry dishes and may also be sautéed.
  3. Rainbow chard: although each color has a slightly different taste, it most resembles spinach with a hint of beets. Sauté for use in stuffing, egg dishes or as a topping for crostini.
  4. Collard greens: mild and earthy with a nutty finish. They need to be cooked either very quickly or very slowly; the leaves are tough and must be braised or stewed to make them tender.
  5. Tuscan kale: an earthy, nutty and slightly sweet taste. It’s best to braise kale in chicken broth or other liquids, drain well and sauté with oil and garlic.
Source: Cook Fresh


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