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5 Natural Foods—5 Natural Health Benefits

Daily Health Tip for January 26:
  1. Olive Oil: Maintain a healthy, youthful look by adding a few tablespoons of organic olive oil to your daily diet. The antioxidants and key nutrients found in olive oil help fight wrinkles.
  2. Tea: Drinking tea can keep you alert. Why? The caffeine keeps your brain awake while L-theanine, an amino acid, calms you so that you can focus and concentrate better.
  3. Milk: If you’re hitting the gym looking for muscle tone, researchers say sipping on fat-free milk within an hour of training can help, possibly due to the combo of calcium, protein and vitamin D.
  4. Almonds: Organic raw nuts are some of nature’s best foods. A recent study found that a handful of almonds a day can help keep your immune system strong by feeding good gut bacteria.
  5. Grapefruit: If you need a boost of energy, try grapefruit juice to wash down your CoQ10 supplement. Research shows that 200 mg of CoQ10 with grapefruit juice is enough to support your energy needs.
Source: "Woman’s World"


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