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5 More Tips to Help You Live Longer

Daily Health Tips update for August 29:

Yesterday’s tips featured the first five pointers to stay healthy and live longer. Today you’ll find five more. Incorporate these tips into your lifestyle to help you live a longer and healthier life.

  1. Do the Twist. Feel limber and energized by twisting your trunk. Crank up the music, raise your hands in the air, and bend in a circular motion at the waist in both directions.
  2. Hold Your Breath. Give your lungs a mini-workout by taking a deep breath in, holding it and then let it out through pursed lips.
  3. Yoga. The benefits of yoga are endless. It improves flexibility, promotes relaxation and enhances strength and balance.
  4. Chew Each Bite 20 Times. Not just an old wives tale, chewing your food thoroughly helps you savor your food and eat less.
  5. Cut Cravings. Being healthy doesn’t mean forever ridding yourself of your favorite treats. Just cut back. Instead of an entire serving, try just a half. You’ll get half the calories while still satisfying your taste buds.

Source: Dr. Oz


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