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4 Natural Ways to Rescue Your Feet

moisturize skinDaily Health Tips update for February 7:

Give your feet some extra TLC during the winter months! The cold air outside and the overheated dry indoor air sap all the moisture out of the body’s largest organ—the skin. Our feet often pay the price for this lack of moisture, resulting in occasional dry, cracked heels and peeling skin. Here are 4 natural ways to help moisturize your feet:
  • Clean & moisturize. Use a non-foaming hydrating cleanser to keep your foot skin clean. Apply moisturizer to damp feet after each bath or shower.  Look for products that contain shea butter, vitamin E or jojoba.
  • Keep them smooth. Once a week use a pumice stone to exfoliate tough, dry skin on your feet.
  • Protect your feet with smart socks & shoes. Material such as wool can remove the natural protective fats from your skin, which causes moisture loss. Wear cotton socks and avoid going barefoot, which also dries out feet. Make sure your shoes fit properly; chafing and rubbing caused by poorly fitting footwear leads to calluses and blisters.
  • Lube them up. Try rubbing your feet with safflower oil or grapeseed oil before bed.  The linoleic acid in these oils prevents evaporation and helps keep your skin moist and soft.
How do you deal with dry feet during the winter months?

Source:  Healthy Living


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