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3 Foods That Make You Look Older

Daily Health Tips update for November 7:

We all know fresh fruits and vegetables are the ticket to improving overall health, clear skin and bright, youthful complexions. What you might not know is that some foods can actually prematurely age your skin. These foods are not entirely unhealthy or bad for you in general, but research indicates they may affect the apperance of your skin. alcohol

  1. Sugar: Sweets and refined carbs raise your blood glucose levels, which interferes with the normal repair of collagen and elastin. Sodas and other sweetened drinks are a major "hidden source" of excess sugar.
  2. Saturated fats: Diets high in saturated fats increase inflammation, which ages your skin.
  3. Alcohol: While many studies show the potential benefits of red wine and resveratrol, alcohol does dehydrate your body, leaving skin tight and dry. Your liver also releases skin-aging free radicals as it metabolizes alcohol. Cocktails mixed with soda are a double-whammy of alcohol and sugar.


Source: Good Housekeeping



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