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3 Different Types of Asparagus to Try

Daily Health Tips update for April 6:

This tasty green vegetable hosts tons of vitamins and minerals, and is an easy side dish to most meals. It’s best in the spring, and contains vitamins K and C, potassium and folate. The nutrients found in asparagus may support heart health, too. Find asparagus that is thin, firm, and has deep green or purple closed tips. Baked or steamed, any one of these types are sure to be a tasty treat.

  1. Green: This is the most common variety of asparagus.
  2. White: This asparagus is grown underground, therefore does not product the same chlorophyll content as the green variety. It has a delicate flavor and texture.
  3. Purple: Smaller with a fruitier flavor, this variety provides anthocyanins that give it its purple color.

Source: Dr.Weil


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