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Women’s Health Week: Get Active, Eat Healthy & Stock Up On Women’s Health Essentials

Yesterday kicked off Women’s Health Week 2013, an annual celebration that “empowers women to make their health a priority” by focusing on healthy lifestyle choices. Today, we’re teaming up with Enzymatic Therapy and Nature’s Way to highlight three of the most important steps you can take to stay healthy and maintain an active lifestyle for years to come.

Get Active

You hear about America’s obesity problem nearly every day, but there may be something even more alarming than expanding waistlines. According to a recent study from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), a measly 20% of Americans get enough exercise. USA Today reports that:

About 79% of adults don't meet the physical activity guidelines that advise getting at least 2½ hours a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as brisk walking, or one hour and 15 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, such as jogging. Plus, the guidelines recommend that adults do muscle-strengthening activities, such as push-ups, sit-ups or exercise using resistance bands or weights. These activities should involve all major muscle groups and be done on two or more days a week, the guidelines say.

If you find motivation hard to come by, you’re certainly not alone. But there is one trick that has proven to work quite effectively: partner workouts. Recent studies have found that exercising with a partner boosts motivation. In other words, find a friend to drag along to the gym or out for a walk and challenge each other to stay committed and on track.

For a list of exercise FAQs, check out the physical activity (exercise) fact sheet. There you’ll find answers to questions like how much exercise you should get, whether or not the type of exercise you do matters and how to prevent injuries when working out. 


Eat Healthy

Ok, so you might be asking yourself, “What should I work on first, diet or exercise?” Contrary to the baby-steps method of making one small change at a time, new research is telling us that you should really try to change both together to get the best long-term benefits. So, as you line up your workout buddies, you should also be cleaning out your snack cupboard and taking inventory of your pantry and fridge.

The next thing you might ask is “What should I be eating?” Well, aside from lots of fresh (organic at all possible times) fruits and vegetables... dietary suggestions are wide and often contradictory. Some experts advocate a strict vegetarian diet. Others say a high-protein diet or high-fat diet like the Mediterranean diet is best. There’s a lot of personal preference involved and checking in with a nutritionist or your doctor is a smart way to go.

While it can be hard to make generalizations on what you should eat, it’s pretty easy to list out a few things you should definitely avoid...

  • Refined sugars (and artificial sweeteners)
  • Trans fats and hydrogenated oils
  • Processed meats like hot dogs and deli meats
  • Highly refined (i.e. processed) foods
  • “Foods” with ingredients listed on the label that you simply cannot recognize


Optimize Your Nutrition w/ Women’s Health Essentials

OK, so you’re determined to bump up your exercise and change your diet to focus on healthy, fresh and unrefined foods... now what? Now it’s time to look at boosting your daily dietary intake with key supporting nutrients targeted at supporting your specific needs. Here are four top-picks from our friends at Enzymatic Therapy and Nature’s Way... and what other customer’s are saying about them!


ALIVE Once Daily for Women

"All what I need!! I don't need to take additional vitamins, this product have it all. The pills are large but I don't have any problem swallowing them and it's only one pill a day. The price is great too!!"

ALIVE Once Daily for Women 50+

"I have been using multivitamins daily for many years and thought I would try something different because I needed that extra pick me up! To my surprise, they did give me extra energy without any side effects. And the price is also very good!!"

Pearls Elite High Potency Probiotic

"These probiotics are extremely effective. I take one daily and have experienced regularity and balance in my digestive health. I chose these for the convenience of not having to refrigerate them, and their tiny easy-to-swallow capsule size. I love them and will continue to use this product indefinetley."

Eskimo-3 Natural Stable Fish Oil

"I have been using Eskimo-3 fish oil for years now with no complaints. It is a high quality fish oil and the dosage of 3 capsules per day works very well for me. No fish burps. Comes in 500mg capsules for people who don't want to take large amounts of fish oil."



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