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How Webber Naturals Made a Better Fish Oil

Wild Alaskan Salmon OilIf a stranger came up to you on the street and asked “What is the most important supplement I should be taking?” would you have an answer? It’s a tough question, nearly impossible. But over the years, researchers have narrowed down which substances have the greatest potential impact to your health because of the way they play into so many important health concerns.

So, if that stranger asked you the question in a slightly different way, for example “What vitamin or supplement has the greatest impact on your overall health?” you might be able to offer a reasonably helpful answer.

In terms of overall health benefits, research shows that vitamins C and E address the greatest number of health concerns, followed closely by essential fatty acids (EFAs), the omega-3s -6s and -9s most commonly obtained from eating fish or taking fish oil supplements.

Today, we’re going to focus on the fish. Specifically, the new EFA products from Webber Naturals® and how they managed to create a better fish oil supplement by starting with the basics of what makes a good supplement.


It’s All in the Delivery

You may think the delivery method (capsule, softgel, tablet, etc.) is really only a concern with probiotics, but the way fish oil is delivered makes a big difference in efficacy and overall satisfaction. And I’ll prove it two you in two short words: fish burps.

Webber Naturals made a better fish oil supplement by focusing on delivering the essential fatty acids to your system in a way that protects the nutrients inside their softgels, while at the same time providing the most pleasant experience possible (i.e. no aftertaste, no fish burps, etc.).  Let’s take a closer look at the two main differences you will benefit from when you switch to Webber Naturals’ fish oils...

Webber Naturals Omega-3s

Difference #1— No Fishy Aftertaste

Their clear, enteric softgels are the only fish oil softgels on the market that can truly guarantee no fishy burps. Why? Because instead of being coated with a protective layer, the softgel casings themselves feature natural enteric ingredients. An enteric coating can flake, peel, crack or lack complete coverage. That means other brands of fish oil supplements can still result in unwanted fishy burps or aftertaste.

Difference #2— No Harsh Chemicals

Making clear enteric softgels is cleaner, simpler and healthier than traditional enteric coating. Some companies prevent softgel casings from breaking down in the stomach by spraying them with a mixture that includes polymers and harsh chemicals, which may actually be bad for your health—not to mention the environment. Instead, Webber Naturals mixes natural stomach-proof ingredients right into their softgel casings.


GIVEAWAY—Sponsored by Webber Naturals®

The proof is in the pudding, they say, so Webber Naturals wants you to put them to the test. To do so, they’ve provided us with a great 3-pack of their newest EFAs, including their Krill OilWild Alaskan Salmon Oil and their Kid’s Omega-3 softgels to give away! Follow the directions below to enter to win! We’ll draw 1 winner next Monday at random from all entries received! (If you're reading this post as an email update, please click here.)



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