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VITAMIN CODE: Raw Food Vitamins + Cutting Edge Science


Most of us like to think we live by a certain code, a set of guiding principles that hopefully leads us down a path of wellness and prosperity. This ideal, this notion of a “code” is a driving force for the people at Garden of Life who worked to develop VITAMIN CODE®, a revolutionary line of raw food nutritional supplements.

Vitamin Code 50 & Wiser Women



Garden of Life’s mission is “Empowering Extraordinary Health®.”  They believe, as we all do, that our health is true gift, and they see it as their responsibility to develop extraordinary supplements to help you maintain that gift.

They developed the VITAMIN CODE line of nutritional supplements to help them carry out this mission. VITAMIN CODE formulas are the result of cutting edge scientific breakthroughs that enabled Garden of Life to create a totally new and unique process of producing “RAW Food-Created Nutrients™.”

To put it simply, VITAMIN CODE vitamins and supplements are raw food formulas. They’re made with individually cultivated raw food nutrients that maintain their unique and powerful Code Factors™, including live probiotics and enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and other bioactive Code Factors.

Your body recognizes these raw food ingredients as food, which leads to better absorption and assimilation. In other words, your body puts VITAMIN CODE vitamins to work better and more easily than other formulas, because they deliver nutrients the way nature intended... the way your body was designed to take them in.


VITAMIN CODE—What’s New at

Raw B-Complex Supplement

Swanson Health Products has been proud to carry many VITAMIN CODE supplements, including VITAMIN CODE multivitamins, VITAMIN CODE probiotics as well as targeted formulas for men’s health, women’s health and bone health.

Now, we’re excited to introduce a few new products to our lineup. Recent additions include raw vitamin C, raw B-complex, raw vitamin D, raw K-complex, raw zinc and a new raw healthy blood formula. Never before have you been able to tailor your vitamin and supplement regimen so precisely with raw food ingredients. The RAW Food Created Nutrients found only in VITAMIN CODE formulas are individually cultivated with their unique Code Factors™ intact.



Instead of picking a few random VITAMIN CODE formulas for this week’s giveaway, we decided to let you choose... We’re going to give away one $50 e-Coupon to one lucky winner, who can then pick whichever products he or she wants to try out!

So...which VITAMIN CODE product intrigues you most? Which would you want to try first? Tell us in the comments section below for a chance to win the $50 e-Coupon.

Post your comments below. We’ll draw one winner on Friday using and respond to the winner’s comment below (so check back next week). Winner will have 7 days to claim their prize by emailing Good Luck!

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