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Too Much Mucus? There’s a Product for That!

It’s not springtime, but for many the season doesn’t matter. Some people are just blessed with respiratory challenges that pay no attention to the calendar and run rampant on their own schedules. Thankfully, brands like Enzymatic Therapy have taken the time to address these needs with targeted herbal formulas that work with your body to help you breathe easier and rest more comfortably.


Air Power® (Natural Expectorant)

There’s nothing worse than not being able to breathe clearly or without irritation. Air-Power helps ease those bronchial irritations and clear your respiratory passages by removing the phlegm and mucus that is blocking the airflow.

The formula combines the power of glycerol guaiacolate with natural herbs like fenugreek, marshmallow root extract and PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) to clear your airways safely and effectively. This combination of ingredients helps make your coughs more productive by removing more of the excess phlegm (mucus) that is blocking your respiratory airways.

Air Power Reviews:

"I have been using this product along with marshmallow root for the pass 6 years during the spring, fall, and winter seasons. It helps tremendously in keeping my nasal and bronchial passages clear. I've also recommended this to my father-in-law. I'm never without these products. Of course Swanson's pricing, convenience, and excellent customer service is the reason we remain loyal customers."

~Reviewed by: MrsBWell


SinuCheck™ (Non-Drowsy Sinus Support)

After you’ve knocked down that excess mucus and phlegm with Air Power, it’s time to clear that head of yours with SinuCheck. This non-drowsy formula delivers soothing sinus support that works with your body to keep your bronchial passages clear and your head clear.

SinuCheck relies on the time-tested and trusted power of natural eucalyptus oil extract, a traditional ingredient that has been used for centuries for healthy respiratory support. It helps soothe mucus membranes and sinus cavities for clear headed comfort.

SinuCheck Reviews:


SinuGuard® (Complete Sinus Protection)

For complete sinus support, there’s really no better option than Enzymatic Therapy’s SinuGuard formula. It combines the natural supporting power of gentian root, cowslip flowers, elder flowers, sorrel and vervain in a precise formula with a 1:3:3:3:3 ratio, respectively. Research has shown that this precise ratio offers greater synergistic support than any individual ingredient has been shown to offer alone.

Each of these botanical ingredients has traditionally been used to support upper respiratory health. Plus, the herbal mixture of gentian root, cowslip flowers, elder flowers, sorrel, and vervain has also been safely studied for the support of ear health in children. It’s a popular formula in Europe; now it’s time you discover why.

SinuGuard Reviews:

"This product really works! In just 3 days I feel the difference. Thanks Swanson for this product!"

~ Reviewed by: hlmarrero

"SinuGard is wonderful! This formula, along with the other products I order from you, have all made a real difference in my life. Thank you for such great prices, friendly - knowledgeable service and fast delivery. Swanson Vitamins is the BEST, in every catagory."

~ Reviewed by: Karla


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