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Probiotic Powders, Pills and Packets: Primadophilus® Has Your Whole Family Covered!

Probiotics—once a mysterious category of dietary supplements hidden in the farthest back corner of the health food store—have gone mainstream. Just wander around your grocery store and check the labels to see how popular probiotic benefits have truly become. And for good reason...

What Do Probiotics Do For You?

Probiotics help keep your entire digestive system calm and running at peak efficiency. And along with keeping your tummy happy, probiotics maintain that delicate balance of bacteria in your intestinal tract. The balance is key... it’s where all the food you eat is broken down into the vitamins, minerals and other usable bits of nutrition.

Probiotics work with your body's enzymes like protease, amylase and lipase to break down food. Without a proper balance of bacteria, your body may not be able to take advantage of the full nutritional profile of your diet. Without this breakdown process, your body simply couldn’t assimilate what it needs to stay running (and healthy). As a byproduct of all this work done upfront at the beginning of your digestive tract, probiotics also play a role in maintaining colon health.

As a byproduct of all this work done upfront at the beginning of you digestive tract (maintaining proper bacterial balance in your gut, breaking down food, assisting enzymatic activity...), probiotics also play a role in maintaining colon health. By making the most out of the food you eat, probiotics ultimately lessen the load on your colon!


Primadophilus® Probiotics

Your whole family can benefit from probiotic supplements... even the kids. And Nature’s Way® has you covered with their complete line of Primadophilus probiotics, with formulas, potencies and delivery systems (pills or powders) fit for all. Let’s take a closer look... and give away a family probiotic prize pack to one lucky winner!

Primadophilus Children Probiotics

  • Easy-to-take (and easy-to-mix) probiotic powder
  • Developed specifically for your kids up to 5 years old
  • 7 strain formula helps maintain healthy digestion (and happy tummies)

"We started my 4 month old daughter on this as her first probiotic blend and are so glad we did! This stuff is amazing in quality at such a steal of a deal.”

~customer review by NewMama (read more reviews)



Primadophilus Junior Probiotics

  • Features 5 strains, including Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Targeted formula developed specifically for your growing kids ages 6-12
  • 3 billion colony forming units (CFU) per capsule deliver a healthy balance of friendly gut bacteria

"It is very easy to swallow for my 7-year old son. Fast shipping and great service. Thank you."

~customer review by Swavic (read more reviews)



Primadophilus Bifidus Adult Probiotics

  • A high-potency probiotic formulated for adult digestive systems
  • Vcaps® are enteric coated to maintain the probiotics’ integrity all the way through to the intestinal tract
  • A four-strain formula optimized for internal balance

"I always keep coming back to this product, even though I've tried many different varieties of probiotics. I like to use it as a daily supplement. Great price & value!"

~customer review by UrsusMaritimus (read more reviews)



Primadophilus Intensive Clinical Strength Probiotics

  • 10-day program with maximum digestive support from a clinical dose of 100 billion CFU
  • Formulated with a prebiotic for maximum effectiveness
  • Designed to quickly replenish and fortify your GI tract with healthy probiotic bacteria

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