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GIVEAWAY: Twinlab® 100% Whey Fuel™ + Complete NutriBullet® System

If you think you’ve still got time before “swimsuit season” arrives, you do... but not much! It’s time to put your plan into action, hit the gym and get back on track with a healthy diet. And the rockstars over at Twinlab® have hooked us up with one amazing giveaway package to help one lucky person kick off their spring rejuvenation in style! (Giveaway details at the end.)

Twinlab 100% Whey Fuel

100% Whey Fuel™

  • 25g protein per serving from 100% whey
  • Instantized for easy, no-blender-required mixing
  • Incredibly thick, rich taste, even in water
  • Enzyme-assisted formula to promote comfortable digestion

Twinlab 100% Whey Fuel is exactly what your workout has been missing. It’s the best tasting protein powder they’ve ever developed. 100% Whey Fuel is a superior blend of high quality, bioavailable whey protein that's completely “instantized,” meaning it dissolves quickly and mixes up easily in your favorite shaker bottle.

Twinlab 100% Whey Fuel Prize

How Does it Fuel Your Workout?

If you’re in the gym, you’re there to create lean muscle mass and tone your body. Twinlab’s 100% Whey Fuel supports muscle protein anabolism, which promotes that muscle growth after you’ve completed your workout. But it also helps promote performance in the gym while you’re cranking out rep after rep (or mile after mile), as well as post-workout recovery.

Clinical studies show that whey protein is one of the most anabolic, muscle-building proteins available, providing a rapid drive of amino acids to skeletal muscle tissue, thereby supporting your weight training efforts in the gym. It’s all about maximizing your gains, and this protein powder is built... well, to put it simply, it’s built to get you built!

Research also shows that whey protein is among the most easily digested and absorbed proteins, and has one of the highest Protein Efficiency Ratios, providing more branched chain amino acids than most other protein powders. It’s a top choice of serious athletes, bodybuilders and power lifters.


GIVEAWAY—Sponsored by Twinlab®

Follow the directions below to enter to win a 3-pack of 100% Whey Fuel™ pouches + a Nutri-Bullet blender! We’ll draw 1 winner next Monday at random from all entries received! (If you're reading this post as an email update, please click here.)





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