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Food Intolerance? Enzymes May Be Your Gut’s Best Friend! [GIVEAWAY]

If you deal with mild, occasional gas and bloating, it may be a sign that there’s something in your diet that just doesn’t get along with your gastrointestinal system. In other words, you may have what’s generally referred to as food intolerance.

Gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance is the most well-known food intolerance, but you can also have trouble with foods like dairy, beans, wheat, soy, phenols and even raw vegetables. In fact, the standard American diet (SAD) is a minefield of potential trouble for anyone dealing with food intolerance.


Food Intolerance and Enzymes

It’s hard to completely give up the foods you love... one of the reasons why losing weight and keeping it off can be so very difficult for so many people. Food cravings are a strong force, and processed foods are created almost specifically to get you hooked.

But for those with food intolerance, it’s more than that. Even whole, raw foods can prove challenging for your gut. The good news is that Mother Nature rarely leaves you up the creek without a paddle. In the case of food intolerance, enzymes can be the mightiest of paddles and your gut’s best friend.

Symptoms of food intolerance indicate that your body may need more of a specific dietary enzyme, a tool your body uses to enhance digestion and turn the food you eat into energy. Enzymes help your body break down food, and without the right supply... well, your body just struggles to process all those nutrients efficiently.



Free Up Your Food Choices!

Once you’re able to identify which foods give you trouble, eliminating those foods is the first step to managing your food intolerance. Then, finding the right enzyme supplement is the next most important step.

Digest Spectrum from Enzymedica offers complete support for individuals with multiple food intolerances... all in one convenient formula.  Digest Spectrum assists in digesting gluten, lactose, casein and phenol. It does not contain any egg, dairy, corn, rice, soy, potato, gluten, casein or sugar, making it an ideal choice for children and adults with multiple dietary intolerances.

Lacto is another great option for those dealing specifically with dairy intolerance and struggle with properly digesting lactose. It features a high potency lactase enzyme with eight additional digestive enzymes targeted specifically at foods containing lactose (a dairy sugar). This formula also provides natural digestive support for dairy protein and fat, as well.



Which foods give you the most trouble? Have you tried using digestive enzymes supplements? If so, tell us about your experience and share your tips!


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