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My Favorite Natural Cleaning Products (And a DIY Natural Cleaner Recipe)

Natural kitchen cleaner sprayThe middle of January is about the time where I really start to get cabin fever. Though we're far from Spring (especially in Fargo), every year around this time I get the itch to do some spring cleaning: organize closets, tidy up the garage, and deep clean the house.  Working at Swanson Health Products, I've fallen in love with various natural cleaning products that I now like to use on a regular basis.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Countertop Spray
in Lemon Verbena scent is a natural cleaner, free from toxic chemicals and harsh ingredients.  I use this cleaner almost daily, especially in the kitchen when cleaning up after cooking or baking.  This spray really cleans well and leaves a nice shine on surfaces.  The essential oils in this product make the scent very clean and citrusy without being overbearing.

Orange TKO concentrated citrus cleanerOrganic Orange TKO is another non-toxic cleaner I like to use on various surfaces throughout our house. You dilute the formula yourself, which makes this product last a long time, and allows you to mix your own concoction depending on the strength of cleaning power you need and surface on which you are going to use it.  I love that this is safe to use around pets as well, so I don't have to worry about it affecting our dog as I use it to spot-clean our carpets from time to time.

When I really need to remove a stain or odor spot, though, I turn to Castor & Pollux Stain & Odor Remover.  For me, this stuff works like magic! The natural formula is great for a number of surfaces, I haven't had any issues with it leaving the surface discolored after use, and it gets the stain out on the first try.  I ended up giving it a try on an article of clothing when we were out of our usual laundry stain remover.  Though I used it on clothing out of urgency, it worked well and I was impressed at the cleaning power of this natural product. This might be the product I always use for stains on laundry from now on!

Lastly, one of my go-to cleaning formulas when I'm out of an all-purpose cleaner or short on time is to mix my own in a small spray bottle.  For this D-I-Y Natural Cleaner, you need:You just mix it all together in the spray bottle and you're good to go!  I don't use this mixture on all surfaces, but it is a good, quick formula to wipe down basic countertops and the like (just about anything that won't be affected by the baking soda in the ingredients.)

What's your favorite eco-friendly or non-toxic cleaner? Do you mix your own? Please share your tips by posting a comment below!


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