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Willard Water Giveaway: The Peculiar, Powerful Catalyst Water [CLOSED]

This week we're featuring guest posts from Dr. Willard's Willard Water® here on the Swanson Health Blog. Today's the day for the big below for your chance to win a bottle.
Clear Willard Water
Water is truly the elixir of life.  60-70% of the human body is made up of water and water plays a key role in maintaining the body’s health.  Blood is mostly water, and our muscles, lungs, and brain all contain a lot of water.

Our bodies need water to transport nutrients to our organs, deliver oxygen to our cells, remove waste, and protect our joints and organs.  Clearly the water we put into our bodies plays a key role in our overall health. 

That’s where drinking Willard Water can help.  Dr. Willard’s patented micelle catalyst alters the molecular structure of water so it becomes wetter, more reactive and more efficient.  In a nutshell, drinking Willard Water helps the water in our bloodstream do its job better. 

One of the immediate benefits of drinking XXX dark Willard WaterWillard Water is improved nutrient assimilation.  Willard Water seems to break down food particles better than normal water, therefore greater amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients become available to make our bodies healthier. 

The greater activity of the Willard Water also seems to aid in the breakdown and removal of waste from the body, so it’s very efficient at cleansing and detoxification.  You can find more information on Willard Water by visiting their website at


We have two bottles of Willard Water (1 clear, 1 XXX dark) up for grabs for two lucky winners. To get entered to win, post a comment answering the following question: When/how did you first learn about Willard Water and which would like to win most, the clear or the XXX dark Willard Water? (winners will be picked at random and notified via email on Monday, July 25).


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