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What You Really Need to Know to Lose Weight

CLA-1300 Max Potency Once you have made up your mind to shed those extra pounds the most common question is, "What is the best program?" You'll find shelf after shelf of diet guides, fad diets, and Hollywood stars promoting weight loss secrets. But here are the tried & true things to know about losing weight:

It’s not magic.
Just finding a plan isn’t the answer—it’s the sticking to it that counts. If for a second you question whether or not a program is healthy, chances are it’s not. Focus on getting healthy—not “dieting.”

Support matters.
Weight loss can be tough, and extra support helps. Starting a program with another person can help motivate both of you to stick to the program. However, even if you don’t have someone who can start WITH you, having someone support you and understand matters.

One pound per week IS enough. 
It took time to put those pounds on, it will take time to get them off. Don’t be discouraged if you hear of people losing multiple pounds a week while you are not—1 per week IS enough!

Exercise isn’t optional (but it also doesn’t mean hours drenched in sweat!)
If a diet promises that you will lose weight without exercising, save your money and buy a gym membership. Healthy meals and regular exercise are the keys to achieving your goals. But that doesn’t mean you must be drenched in sweat daily. Walking is a fine form of exercise and it’s the extra fitness that counts.

Weight loss isn’t about dieting.
This is a change in the way you eat and approach food. A diet is something you "go off of" for a few days, for the holidays, or because you're feeling blue. Don't think of it that way. And, if you happen to have a not-so-healthy snack, just get back into your healthy habits again right away. There's no reason to lose sleep over eating one cookie, but make your love of good, health-promoting foods a daily habit, not a hobby.

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