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Tips for Fighting Those Winter Blahs!

Alive Whole Food MultiAh, the lucky ones who live in a world of sun year round. But for the rest of us, winter can really promote some “blah” sort of days…feeling run down, low on energy and just plain irritable. So what can you do?

Embrace winter – Sounds counter-intuitive perhaps, but find something good about this time of year that you can enjoy. Try a new winter sport or activity and see if it’s one that you can embrace and look forward to each year.

Take a break – While an annual vacation may not always be possible, try a weekend away to get a break from your winter routine. Check out a local B&B, area spa or take the kids to an indoor waterpark for the weekend. You don’t have to travel far to feel miles away!

Take your vitamins – Don’t skip your basics! A multivitamin packed with B-Vitamins, such as Alive!, can help support your energy levels. You may want to consider adding vitamin D to your program as well.

Whatever you do— be it enjoying time with friends and family, reading a few new books or using it as an excuse to stay in a hot bath just a little longer—find comfort in winter and don’t let the blahs get the best of you!

What do you do to stay upbeat during the winter months?


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