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The 3 Children’s Digestive Supplements Every Parent Should Know About

This week on the Swanson Health Blog, we’re thrilled to have the folks at Enzymatic Therapy helping us out with some tips for children’s health, vitamins and supplements for kids and child nutrition. Be sure to stay tuned all week long (hint: sign up by email for blog updates) Today we also have a special giveaway...2 winners will be picked!

Getting your child to eat healthy is a challenge all on its own, trying to avoid those days when there have been too many treats consumed. Luckily there are a few natural supplements for kids that can provide some support.

Pearls Kids Probiotic Blend
1) Pearls Kids™ probiotic blend
Pearls Kids probiotics feature 4 strains of Lactobacillus (casei, acidophilus, reuteri, and rhamnosus) as well as Bifidobacterium longum. Perfectly suited for kids ages 4+

2) Learner’s Edge® DigestRight®
DigestRight is a broad-range digestive enzyme supplement formulated especially for children by leading physicians in child neurological development to promote optimal digestion of the fullest range of foods.†

3) Fiber Delights® Daily Fiber
Available in chocolate or vanilla, these chewable tablets gently promote and support regularity.† And, the fiber also acts as a “prebiotic” to help beneficial bacteria (like the probiotics found in Pearls Kids) to thrive in the digestive system.†

As always, prior to introducing any supplements to your child’s diet, check with a physician to ensure the best regimen.



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