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Dog Days of Summer Are Looming: Stay Hydrated with Willard Water (Giveaway) [CLOSED]

Willard Water ClearHow important is staying hydrated? Well, 75% of your body’s weight is made up of water. Lean muscle tissue is made up of about 75% water, blood is roughly 83% and bone is about 22% water.  So it’s pretty clear that water is incredibly important to a well-functioning body (every single part of the body). And hydration is never more critical to wellness than during the hot months of summer.

How Much Do You Need?

The chart below from is a good baseline for gauging how much water you need to drink per day. But when the temps start to rise, you start to sweat... meaning you’ll need to increase your consumption to stay hydrated. One way to help ensure your body is staying hydrated is to add Willard Water to your routine. 

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One of Dr. Willard’s earliest experiments on his new invention (Willard Water) was all about hydration. The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology professor had a lot of test subjects at his disposal (his willing students) and the perfect hot climate of South Dakota in which to conduct his tests.

What Dr. Willard and his students found in these first few studies was that Willard Water not only helped deliver nutrients, minerals and electrolytes throughout the body, it also helped the cells absorb and retain the water.

Willard Water appeared to greatly promote hydration within the body. But what’s even better is that further studies on both plants and animals indicated that Willard Water actually worked better under extreme heat and dehydration conditions!

So, as the temperature starts to climb in the days and weeks ahead, consider adding some Willard Water to your daily hydration routine.  Right now, get entered to win a couple of bottles to get you started...

GIVEAWAY [closed]

We’re giving away two bottles of Willard Water (1 Clear and 1 XXX Dark Willard Water) to one lucky reader. To get entered into the random drawing, leave a comment below telling us what your favorite summer time beverage you’d be adding your free Willard Water to if you win!

Congrats to our Winner: Allan Turcotte!


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