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How to Customize Your Weight Loss Shake

Metabolic Reset fiber and protein powderWeight loss shakes are a great, convenient addition to your healthy diet & exercise plan. But…day after day your taste buds may be asking for something a little different. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to customize these shakes to your liking. Especially when you use a powder instead of a pre-mixed variety. Try out the options below, all made with Nature’s Way Metabolic Reset high fiber & protein powder.
  • Iced Latte - Blend the powder with coffee & milk and a few ice cubes. Try the chocolate flavor if you’re an iced mocha fan!
  • Fruit Smoothie - Toss in your favorite fruit or a splash of juice and blend with ice for a delicious smoothie.
  • Eat it – Yup, you read that right! Mix the powder right into yogurt, oatmeal or pudding. Mixing it with yogurt makes a great fruit dip as well!
You’re more likely to stick with having a shake in your routine if it becomes anything but routine for your tastebuds. So mix it up (however you’d like) and enjoy!

What's your favorite way to enjoy a protein shake (or use your protein powder)?

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