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How to Choose the Right Children’s Multivitamin

This week on the Swanson Health Blog, we’re thrilled to have the folks at Enzymatic Therapy helping us out with some tips for children’s health, vitamins and supplements for kids and child nutrition. Be sure to stay tuned all week long (hint: sign up by email for blog updates)

Chewables, liquids, gummies, sugar-coated and gumballs – today’s children's multivitamin section is packed with options. Unfortunately, they can also be packed with ingredients that resemble candy more than nutrients. So what should you look for to be sure your child is getting the most from their multivitamin?

Natural Ingredients
The ingredient list of any multivitamin (children’s and adults) should read very similar to the supplement facts label. Ingredients such as corn syrup, sugar, aspartame, artificial coloring and flavoring act as filler and shouldn’t be main components of a multivitamin. When looking at the ingredients for tasty gummies and chewable tablets, look for natural ingredients such as stevia, fructose or honey.

Fun & Delicious
No doubt about it – the “fun” and flavor factor is a big deal when it comes to kids wanting to take their multivitamins. Your child can still have a part in choosing their multivitamin, but be sure to present them only with the options that already pass your approval.

Complete Support
Because children are growing it’s important to choose a multivitamin that supports a wide variety of health concerns including immune health, bone support, and healthy brain function.


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