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How Important are Vitamins in Maintaining Good Health?

This week we're featuring special guest posts from Dr. Willard's Willard Water® here on the Swanson Health Blog. Stay tuned for a chance to win a free bottle (hint: it's tomorrow)!

How important are vitamins in maintaining good health?

Vitamins promote normal growth, provide proper metabolism, and ensure good health. They assist in the formation of hormones, red blood cells, nervous-system chemicals, and genetic material. They combine with proteins to create metabolically active enzymes that in turn produce hundreds of important chemical reactions throughout the body.

Vitamins are responsible for keeping cells strong, binding tissues, etc. Without vitamins our cells would not function properly. 

Clearly vitamins are the building blocks of life which is why each of us must take whatever steps are necessary to ensure we have enough vitamins and nutrients.  That’s why I drink Willard Water as part of my daily supplement routine. 

Willard Water
has been found to help the body absorb more of the essential vitamins and nutrients we need to maintain optimal health.  If you care about good health, you’ll drink Willard Water too.  For more information on how Willard Water can help you maintain good health, visit our website:


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