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What Makes Fisol Fish Oil So Popular?

Fisol Fish OilOne of the most popular and highest-rated products at (with a 4.9 out of 5 rating), Nature’s Way Fisol Fish Oil and high-potency Nature’s Way Super Fisol Fish Oil are voted customer favorites.

Fisol is a superior blend of molecularly-distilled, sustainably sourced fish oil delivered using the Nature’s Way proprietary Targeted Release enteric-coating technology. This delivery system helps give you three times the absorption rate of other fish oil supplements with no fishy aftertaste or gastrointestinal discomfort. In fact, these are some of the highlights found in many Fisol customer reviews:

"The capsules are easy to swallow and, as manufacturer proclaims, they are easy to digest and there's no fishy burp-back."  louiegirl53

"These have no fishy aftertaste or anything!!! I also like the fact that they are small and I only have to take 3/day!!! The price was great too."  TKat3178

"I don't normally burp, but regular fish soft capsules cause me to do just that, and I hate fish so it's particularly nasty. I've been taking Fisol regularly now for probably close to two weeks, and have had zero occurrences of this unpleasantness. I'm pleased!"  cmusa

"This Fish Oil Omega 3 supplament is easier to swallow than most, has no odor, and no unpleasant after effects of "fish burps". It has a high content of EPA and DHA also so I take fewer than I was with the Omega 3 supplament I was taking before. I highly recommend it!"  artemis


Super Fisol Fish OilWhy Take Fish Oil?

Fish oil pills are among the most popular dietary supplements, ranking right up there with multivitamins and probiotics. They’re routinely included on “Best of” lists, such as our 7 Basic Supplements for Good Health, because they deliver DHA and EPA, two important essential fatty acids (EFAs).

Omega-3 EFAs provide natural support for a wide range of key body functions. As a result, fish oil supplements help promote overall cardiovascular health, joint health, infant brain development, cellular defense, skin health and more.

Fisol and Super Fisol Fish Oil supplements are among the best formulas available for maximum EPA and DHA delivery. Plus, Nature’s Way has invested heavily in maintaining a molecular distillation process that ensures toxins, contaminants and heavy metals are removed from the whole fish oil while preserving the omega-3s and other naturally-occurring, healthy compounds.

Nature’s Way chose to use Pollack and Whiting fish for their fish oil source, earning  “eco-certification” because these fish are a more sustainable, “green” resource harvested in North America. They’ve also recently improved their enteric coating process to utilize more naturally-derived ingredients like sodium alginate and coconut oil.

Sound like something you’d be interested in trying? You’re in luck...




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