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Children’s Immune Health Supplements for Back to School Time

This week on the Swanson Health Blog, we’re thrilled to have the folks at Enzymatic Therapy helping us out with some tips for children’s health, vitamins and supplements for kids and child nutrition. Be sure to stay tuned all week long (hint: sign up by email for blog updates)

Kids, back to school, and the immune system are a notorious trio. Keeping your children healthy for the new school year is a must, but which supplements (in addition to a healthy diet) do your kids really need to support immune health?

A High Quality Children’s Multivitamin
Look for a children’s multivitamin that is without heavy loads of sugar and artificial ingredients. Also, be sure it’s balanced for whole body health support to fill any nutritional gaps.

Immune supplement for kidsImmune Defense Formula
In addition to a high quality multi, check for an immune defense formula that  combines minerals and nutrients that work together synergistically. Vitamins A, C, zinc and elderberry are popular immune choices.

You’ve probably heard about Echinacea, it headlines in the health arena on a regular basis. And while Echinacea tea is a comfort classic for immune health support, it’s not the most kid-friendly option. An easier form for kids to take - Chewable Echinacea tablets.

As always, prior to introducing any supplements to your child’s diet, check with a physician to ensure the best regimen.


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