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3 Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating in Kids

This week on the Swanson Health Blog, we’re thrilled to have the folks at Enzymatic Therapy helping us out with some tips for children’s health, vitamins and supplements for kids and child nutrition. Be sure to stay tuned all week long (hint: sign up by email for blog updates)

With so many “fun” packaged food options on store shelves, how can you teach (or remind) your children the basics of healthy eating? Here are 3 ways to encourage and add some “fun” to healthy eating:

1) Make Meal Time "Family Time"
Studies show that families that eat together tend to be healthier overall. Predictability is important for kids, so making dinnertime something they can count on benefits their mental well-being. It also gives you the chance to introduce new foods and act as healthy-eating role models for your children.

2) Make fun with Fruits & Vegetables
While routines are important for kids, variety is important for taste buds. Try out different healthy recipes to make fruits and veggies tastier for young palates. Switching up the presentation may help as well. Example: make fruit into homemade fruit popsicles or cut veggies into fun shapes to serve with healthy dips. You may be surprised by what your children like!

3) Recruit Young Helping Hands
There are always age-appropriate tasks your child can help with in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s as simple as stirring. Make them a part of the whole experience, and use the time to teach them about why we eat certain foods, and why we avoid others. Helping to prepare something also gives kids a sense of accomplishment and makes them more likely to try it.


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